Hidden History


When: Friday-Tuesday 23-27 February, 11am-4pm
Where: Richmond Supper Room, 54 Bridge Street
Entry: Free

This exhibition commemorates our forebears in Richmond Village and surrounding areas, particularly those who lived here in the 1830s to 1940s.

In many instances we do not know their names, but we can tell something about how they lived from the things they left in attics, cellars, fireplaces, hidden or lost behind walls, fallen through the floorboards, or thrown-out and buried in gardens in the days before there was a municipal garbage collection in Richmond. The items are a facet of village life and can only tell a small part of story of people who in their time were the mainstream of everyday society in Richmond.

The exhibition is centred around six themes and, where possible, includes intact examples of similar objects that have survived up to today.

  • Work-related – items made or used by workers in 1830s-1930s (and a few of their tools)
  • Eating-related – the china on which our forebears ate their meals
  • Drink-related – the bottles our forebears drank-from and discarded
  • Domestic life – some of the everyday items used by our forebears
  • Money and Entertainment – from shopping and smoking to children’s toys
  • Health, Hygiene and Beauty-care – from brushes to medicine and perfume bottles

Hidden History was curated by (Hon.) Assoc. Prof. Mike Macphail & Emeritus Prof. Noel Frankham.