Mumirimina: People and Country


When: 18-22 January, 11am-4pm
Where: Richmond Courthouse, 52 Bridge Street
Entry: Free

Richmond and the Coal River Valley are Mumirimina country, part of the Oyster Bay nation. The river at Richmond was a crossing point for Oyster Bay and Big River people and was used for farming, hunting, fishing, and ceremonies.

Within 15 years of Richmond’s establishment, no Mumirimina remained on their lands.

Mumirimina: People and Country, features 12 reproductions of artworks depicting the people and stories of lands stolen and lives ruined by the colonial settlement of Richmond.

Displayed in the Richmond Courthouse, a symbol of colonial justice and government, further underscores the striking contrast between Richmond’s prosperity and the overwhelming Mumirimina loss.

Poignant and dignified, this exhibition aims to acknowledge and honour the Mumirimina people, whose stories have been denied and forgotten for too long.

Curated by: Theresa Sainty and Noel Frankham, with assistance from Danayarat Boonyatee